Be Aware....Be Safe
with VRN Radio

The VRN, a Florida not-for-profit Corporation, flipped the switch in May, 2005 that began a new type of communication service for Collier County.  This new Emergency Network is designed to give FCC licensed two-way UHF communication capabilities (similar to Police and Fire Radios) to ordinary citizens within their communities in times of need.  It also gives the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteers a means of communicating when power lines are down and phones are not working.

So began a new way of providing citizens of Collier County a subscription service that would allow communication in the worst of circumstances.  The initial cost of that service in 2005 (which includes a UHF Transceiver Radio) was only $395.....and the cost today remains the same!

Volunteer subscribers serve as Net Controllers to coordinate the use of the radio.  They are in charge of all incoming traffic to the Network, and provide help to the subscribers by forwarding information to the Naples Fire Department, the Collier Emergency Operations Center (EOC) or the CERT Captain.  This is all done on the VRN Licensed radio frequency WQDB284, which includes two independent repeaters operating on UHF  to give wider coverage and back-up protection.  As subscribers check in to the Network during our roll calls, much information is shared to the benefit of all.  The VRN also sends regular emails to subscribers to keep them informed of conditions.

The VRN’s Icom 50 Watt Repeater has a generator backup so that service is not interrupted by power failures.  Each new subscriber to the VRN is given personalized instruction on the use of the radio and the operation of the system.  During the “off” season (when hurricanes are not expected), On-Air-Nets are conducted to give participants an opportunity to become experienced radio operators.

As the Founder of the VRN, Inc., I take great pride in telling you that, after eight years and several hurricanes, we are very good at what we do.

                                                      Chuck Grant, Founder                                                        



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