Be Aware....Be Safe
with VRN Radio
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VRN  Broadcasts

VRN On-Air-Meeting


Good Evening.  This is VRN Emergency Radio broadcasting on our and improved system with 2 FCC licensed repeaters from Naples, Florida on WQDB 284.

I want to mention something that some of us may have forgotten.  The only way you can find out if your radio is working is to depress the PTT button and call Control.  Then give your name or community.  It would be good to do this at least a few times a month until the end of hurricane season.  It only takes a minute to be sure your VRN radio is ready.

Now, let’s talk about the channel and tower line-up.

Tower One is located in Pelican Bay at approximately 300 feet. 

Tower Two is in the Vineyards at approximately 100 feet. 

Each is licensed under WQDB 284.  However, each tower operates independently on different frequencies.  This will be an advantage to us in the event that one tower goes down in a hurricane.  We now have a Back-Up Tower.

Your radios have all been reprogrammed to operate on Narrow Band and now have 12 assigned channels plus additional channels that are not assigned.

If you look in the channel window on your radio as you scroll up or down, you will see the channel names.

CHANNEL #       TOWER                          ASSIGNMENT


    1                        1                        General on Pelican Bay Repeater

    2                        1                        Emergency Operation (Hurricane)

    3                        2                        Village Walk

    4                        2                        Island Walk

    5                        1                        C.E.R.T.

    6                        1                        Pelican Bay

    7                        2                        Ave Maria Law

    8                        2                        Vineyards VCA-General Meetings-On-Air

    9                        1                        E.O.C.

    10                      1                        Fire Dept.

    11                      2                        Wilshire Lakes

    12                      2                        Red Cross

If Tower One (Pelican Bay) should go down in a storm, all Emergency traffic will move from Channel 2 to Channel 8 (Tower 2 at Vineyards).

As you can see, the first two channels are reserved for general and emergency operations for everyone.  Your community now has a dedicated non-emergency channel on which you may broadcast information which may be of interest to your community.  You might want to run a C.E.R.T. exercise, or an On-Air Net just in your community.  It’s your channel.....use it!

As we begin the active hurricane season, let me remind you that your community will be expecting your radio to give them help in time of crisis.  Check your battery to make sure  your radio is ready to perform.

Let me know if you need a new battery.

Our Treasurer, Georgia, will now take the roll!  We welcome your comments or questions.

That concludes this evening’s Net.  Until next time, remember....Be Aware....Be Safe with the VRN Radio.  This is WQDB 284 signing off.  Good night.